Egyptian National Oceanographic Data Center


The National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries was first established in 1924 as the Hydrobiological Institute of the Egyptian Fisheries Directorate, and was located at El-Shatby in Alexandria. At a later date in 1931, it was renamed as "The Alexandria Institute of Hydrobiology" and relocated at Keyed Bey on the Eastern Harbour of Alexandria, where the Mediterranean Branch of NIOF is presently located. 

 In addition to its headquarters located in Cairo, NIOF comprises four branches that carry out research in specific thematic and geographic areas:

  1. Mediterranean Sea Branch: Located in Alexandria with its key laboratories, library and research stations affiliated to this branch. The central laboratory has quality control/quality assurance system based on ISO/17025.
  2. Gulf of Suez and Aqaba Branch: Located at Attaka (near Suez city)
  3. Inland Water and Aquaculture Branch: Located in Kanater with its laboratories and research stations located in different governorates.
  4. Red Sea Branch: Located in Hurghada

Map of geographic area of institute branches ( 


Egyptian National Oceanographic Data Center (ENODC) was established in National Institute of oceanographic and Fisheries, Alexandria, Egypt to receive data observed by NIOF-branches, which cover most of the coastal area of Egypt as well as the available oceanographic and weather data from Meteorological Agency, Fisheries Agency, Universities and other organization in Egypt possible to have oceanographic data. Through data exchange.We also acquires foreign data through the international oceanographic data and information exchange system (IODE).